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Down and Distance

7 Feb

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(Chain Crew)

You will routinely hear TV announcers use the expressions “first and ten” or “three and out” to describe the actions of a team’s offensive unit during a game.  They are referring to the “down and distance”.  A “down” is nothing more than a play.  From the second the ball is snapped — or “put into play” — to the moment the action is stopped by the officials that is one “play”.

To maintain possession of the football, offenses are given four plays or “downs” to either score or gain the yardage necessary to be awarded a “first down” which is another set of four downs.  Generally the yardage needed to gain a first down is ten yards but that can change due to penalties or tackles that result in lost yardage.

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Flop Charts and Clock Management

4 Feb

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Time will decide our fates.  It is no less true in football where clock management – that is to say, the management or mismanagement of the time left in a game – will often decide its outcome.  The team who is winning will want to use or “eat up” as much time as possible, while the team that is losing will want to conserve time so that they can score. Much drama is played out at the end of many games because of the minutes — seconds even – left on the clock that allows one team to convert one spectacular play into one phenomenal and unexpected ending.

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